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upholstery cleaning

upholstery cleaning

Did you know, When you sit on your favorite spot on the couch or that chair you like to enjoy your morning coffee in, after you get up your laving behind body oils, dirt and sweat all of them bad for your upholstery, in turn these things need to be cleaned and removed to keep the colors bright and furniture texture correct. upholstery cleaning in irmo SC and surrounding areas available.

it is necessary to use products that break down the oils holding the dirt for most effective results. in turn this means using top shelf products with only the highest standards in mind

Carpet King of Columbia, is the most reliable and trustworthy upholstery cleaning service cleaning service provider leaving your upholstery clean and soft as can be.


Our team has dedicated and talented professionals who clean your upholstery and keep it in a pristine condition. We apply the most advanced techniques to renew the beautiful look of your upholstery.







You will get the top of the line products that are specially formulated with you in mind as the end receiver of the product, therefore you will never have those harmful chemicals on your furniture or fine fabrics from us.

Our products contain no butyls or fillers, as a result the most cleanaing power with the least risk to our customers.

it’s important to have items cleaned ever 12-15 months for best preservation, items such as


We are a top rated cleaning service provider that provides the best quality at the best price.


Save your time and money by hiring our professionals to do the job for you. For any further queries, feel free to get in touch with Carpet King of Columbia. Hurry!

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